Ukrainian future: Kyiv-Kharkiv team

March 23: second place

UPDATE: March 23, 2022. Another great result for Kyiv-Kharkiv team: second place in U12 and second place in U8 tournaments. We always anticipate their participation with anxiety. Are they safe, do they lose courage, is the war too heavy on them? Will they make it again? But no time for worries: as with all of the Ukrainian people fighting the aggressors, little Ukrainians are ready to fight on the online chessboard, proud as ever. A total of 31 players came to play: 19 in U12 and another 11 in U8 category. Great job!

Time to introduce a few new players:

  • Oleksiy Krasnikov (U8). Lovely place in the world – Ukraine. Favorite chess player – his coach Oleksandr Vynnychenko.
  • Yevgen Zatenko (U8). Lovely place in the world – Berlin. His favorite chess player – Robert Fischer.
  • Oleksandr Zichenkov (U12). Lovely place in the world – Kyiv. Favorite chess player – Magnus Carlsen.
  • Yelysei Kazantsev (U12)

MArch 16: Fourth place in U12

UPDATE: March 16, 2022. Kyiv-Kharkiv team finished fourth in Worldwide U12 Winter League, Round 11, and fourth in U8 category. They had as many as 23 players in U12 and 11 in U8. With 34 total players, this was their biggest attendance so far. The more the war goes on, the bigger the numbers – congratulations, and respect to the Ukrainian people.

New players appeared. Here are some of them:

  • Nadiya Petrusha (U8): Always calm and judicious – in her life and at the chessboard.
  • Marianna Zagorovs’ka (U8): Her game is a controlled explosion.
  • Olexandr Stoichev (U12): He is a true defender, a fighter for justice.
  • Maxym Stremoukhov (U12): Kharkiv chess champion in Under 10 category.
  • Vladyslav Melnychuk (U8): He is absolutely excited by chess and cats!
  • Khrystyna Pazych (U8): Her dream-come-true – to be CM in chess till her 12.
  • Danyil Vasheka: Interested in football also. Striker in every deal.

MARCH 9: Victory in U12

UPDATE on March 9, 2022: Outstanding achievement by Kyiv-Kharkiv team: despite the fact that their country is invaded, communications and supply disrupted, and war wearing is tremendous, they managed to gather for another online chess tournament in U12 Winter League. And what a proud moment for them! Playing for the team that bears the names of the two biggest Ukrainian cities, bleeding from Russian attacks, brave little Ukrainians managed to achieve their first victory in Worldwide League, topping the Chess Profi team from St. Petersburg by three points only. Both teams played an extraordinary tournament during Round 10, constantly changing in the leading positions. A few minutes more or less could have brought a different result.

Children Dedicate their victory

There were 19 players on the team. Each player gave a short message after the tournament and dedicated this victory.

Read some of their touching messages:

  • Elyzaveta Ragulina (Kharkiv). Victory dedicated to her mother, father, all the relatives, and Ukraine.
  • Oleksandr Chytov (Kharkiv). Victory is dedicated to the future peaceful offline chess tournaments.
  • Roman Vartanian (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to his friend, whom he hasn’t seen in two weeks.
  • Mikhail Kashtanov (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to the girl Margarita, who was evacuated to Poland.
  • Dar’ya Zinchenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to Kharkiv.
  • Vissarion Oleksenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to the Ukrainian defenders.
  • Mikhal Khmelnitski (Poland). Dedicates victory to his lovely city, Kharkiv.
  • Nazar Lutchenko (Kyiv). Dedicates victory to the peace in Ukraine.
  • Ratibor Mistrekov (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to his coach, Mikhail Litvinov.
  • Diana Fotiadi (Kriukivshchyna). Dedicates victory to the coach of the team “Kyiv-Khar’kov Int”, Dmitry Krick.
  • Bozhena Dobrovol’s’ka-Rakhnina (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to her coach, Andriy Bilous.
  • Tymofiy Nykonenko (Kyiv). Dedicates victory to the brave Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Glib Nykonenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to Ukraine in their struggle against Russia.
  • Dmitry Krick (coach “Kyiv-Khar’kov Int”). Dedicates victory to his mom, who now suffers in Kharkiv.
U8 team achieved third place

And that’s not all: on the same day, Kyiv-Kharkiv U8 team made an appearance in Worldwide Under 8 tournament, placing third, another very good result. 11 players participated. Congratulations!

Here are some of the players from U8 team:

  • Dobrynia Mistrekov (Kharkiv). For his 6 years very purposeful. Prizewinner in wrestling.
  • Mikhail Nagornyi (Kharkiv). Repeated winner of Soroban Olympics. His dream is to be a chess grandmaster.
  • Borys Vozniuk (Kyiv). He asked his mom to buy the chessboard when he was four.
  • Kapiton Batushev (Kyiv). He doesn’t like destruction but is interested in creation.
  • Yaroslav Yuskovets (Kharkiv).

Besides players, there is another person responsible for success: coach Dmitry Krick, who organized the team, made correspondence with Worldwide tournament organizers, collected info about players, and made reasonable communication in these difficult times. It’s a stunning achievement to gather 30 players on the team in war conditions. Keep up the good work!

Слава Україні!!

MARCH 5: U16 team participation in Worldwide Junior

UPDATE: March 5, 2022. Kids from Kyiv-Kharkiv U16 team participated in Worldwide Junior Under 16 tournament, among 30 teams and 320 players from all parts of the World, and achieved excellent fourth place.

There were 14 players in their U16 team:

  • Kostiantyn Khlusov (Kyiv, 2012) Bronze medalist of the Kyiv Championship-2022, in the Under 10 category.
  • Bozhena Dobrovol’ska-Rahnina (Kharkiv) Silver medalist of the Ukrainian Championship-2021.
  • Sergiy Kuznietsov (Kyiv, 2007) Interested in all kinds of sports activities.
  • Dar’ya Bilous (Zaporizhzhia, 2007) Another hobby – folk dances.
  • Glib Shvatchko (Kharkiv, 2007) Chess is his life.
  • Valentyna Krasnova (Kyiv, 2011) She’s always ready to get the surprise on the chessboard.
  • Mariya Krasnova (Kyiv, 2011) She is much stronger than you think!
  • Polina Tugay (Kharkiv, 2010)
  • Nikita Tugay (Kharkiv)
  • Roman Kontur (Kyiv, 2006)
  • Amet Kerim (Kyiv, 2011)
  • Sofia Sokirko (Kyiv, 2006)
  • Arseniy Filimonov (Kharkiv, 2008).
  • Viktor Myroshnychenko (Kyiv)

The night before the war started

On February 24, 2022, the World was shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s regime sent troops to an independent and sovereign country, in what was to become the largest war since World War II. The whole of Europe stands united in support of Ukraine and demands the war be stopped. A series of sanctions to aggressors and help to defenders are underway, and fierce Ukrainian defenders are determined to keep the invaders out of their country.

The night before, on February 23, Ukrainian children took part in Worldwide U12 Winter League, an online chess league for children under 12 years old, organized by Worldwide Junior Chess. This competition started as a collaboration between clubs and coaches from different countries at a difficult and challenging time of the 2020 Pandemic.
And we continue to play in the same spirit of collaboration and friendship between different countries and cultures.
By its very reason for being, Worldwide Junior condemns war.

While all other children had a good night’s sleep, Ukrainian children woke up on air raid sirens. As the Russian invasion continued, more disturbing news was coming from Ukraine, and the World was quick to unite in condemning the aggression.

Worldwide League is played in U8, U12, and U16 categories. Kyiv – Kharkiv team joined recently and participated in all categories with numerous children during peace times. With great impatience and anxiety, we anticipated the next online tournament.

Podium finish for Ukrainians

March 2, 2022: To our great surprise and delight, 19 Ukrainian kids managed to participate in Round 9 of the Under 12 Winter League, and 6 more in the U8 category.

Kyiv – Kharkiv International U12 team proudly achieved its greatest result in Worldwide League ever, sharing second place with 70 team points.

Today we celebrate those brave kids, who had the means and willingness to play for their team and country:

  • Ratibor Mistrekov (Kharkiv, 2013)
  • Kostiantyn Hlusov (Kyiv, 2012): Bronze medalist of the Kyiv Championship-2022, in the Under 10 category.
  • Oleksiy Lapovskyi (Kyiv, 2013): his other hobby is Lego. His last words on the personal training: “Coach, I will never give up!”
  • Nazar Lutchenko (Kyiv, 2012): Playing chess for one year, interested in painting also.
  • Ivan Borodai (Kyiv, 2013): Always ready to fight, but now very tired from war
  • Vladyslav Orlov (Kyiv, 2011): His motto is “Only to the top of the mountain!”
  • Timofiy Nykonenko and Glib Nykonenko (Kyiv and Kharkiv)

Besides the two biggest Ukrainian cities Kyiv and Kharkiv, players came from Skadovsk, Crimea, and Zaporizhzhia.

Kyiv – Kharkiv International team gallery

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