Worldwide U12

  • Worldwide U12 Records:
  • Most participants: 1.158 players (January 27, 2020)
  • Most teams: 94 teams (January 27, 2020)
  • The biggest team: R.G.Nezhmetdinov Chess Club (former U11 category), 71 players, May 13, 2020

Worldwide U12 is for children born in 2009 and younger.
Tournaments are played on Wednesday 11:00 UTC, 16:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC. Time control is 10+2. Tournament duration is 90 minutes. Team battles are played every two weeks. Platform: Lichess

There is no upper limit for number of players. In Worldwide League we have smaller teams, as well as big ones with 20 or more players. Each Group has a predefined number of scorers counting for the team result (usually 4-10 best players, depending on the group strength).

Tournaments usually host 10 teams per group, but it can vary, depending on the number of teams that are actively competing in the League.

Note to all players without team: you can join in Worldwide U12 Selection and play in Worldwide League.

From April 2021 on, Worldwide U8 League will not be played as a stand-alone event, but as a subdivision of U12 League, reserved for dedicated U8 teams.


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