3rd Worldwide Junior Chess Festival

Third Edition of Worldwide Junior Chess Festival will be played on April 24, 2021, open to all U12 players (born in 2009 and later). The Festival will have two Swiss tournaments and Puzzle Storm competition, to be held on Lichess.

The system of play for the main events, the two Rapid tournaments, will be Swiss 7 rounds, using Worldwide standard time control 10+2 (10 minutes starting time, plus 2 seconds increment on each move). The expected duration of each tournament is about 3 hours.

Puzzle Storm competition: tactics puzzle-solving contest will be held on Friday.

Puzzle Storm https://lichess.org/storm
⚡️Competition is held on April 23
⚡️You can play as many Puzzle Storm runs during the whole day.
⚡️Each player may write his result in the forum.
After completion of the competition, organizers will check each participant’s profile and confirm the results.
Official results will be published on the Web.

Players can join in one or both tournaments. All times are given as UTC+00:00 (GMT). Please check the time converter for tournament beginnings in different time zones. Schedule

EventTime (UTC+00:00)
Puzzle Storm (Friday)00:00 – 24:00
Festival East11:00 – 14:00
Festival West17:00 – 20:00

Converted time Schedule for Swiss tournaments (main events):

  • EDT – New York, Toronto, Asuncion
  • 07:00 – East
  • 13:00 – West

  • BRT – Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
  • 08:00 – East
  • 14:00 – West

  • CEST – Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Cairo
  • 13:00 – East
  • 19:00 – West

  • MSK – Moscow, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev
  • 14:00 – East
  • 20:00 – West

  • CST – Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Beijing
  • 19:00 – East
  • 01:00 – West

Every player will receive a digital Certificate of Participation.

Award Certificates for three best placed players in Swiss tournaments, in each of the age categories: U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12.

Swiss tournament winners in each age category will get an opportunity to be featured on the Festival Gallery.

Recognition for winners in Puzzle Storm competition (10 best overall).

Registration will take place here

Registration phase begins on April 5, and is available until Festival beginning on April 24, 2021. Registration fee is €4 EUR.

The Registration fee is valid for all events during the Festival.

  • April 5 – Early registration phase

  • April 20 – Late registration phase

  • April 23 – Puzzle Storm competition

  • April 24 – 3rd Worldwide Festival

All players should abide by the rules governing fair play.

Every participant has to declare himself as an honest player.

The use of unfair assistance is strictly forbidden. All players are expected to make their own moves throughout the game, without any help from other people or any kind of software.

Worldwide Junior Chess Festival is an Online chess competition event (Annex 6.4 Fide Online Chess Regulations, 6.1.1.).

Register, pick the best tournaments for yourself, play fair, and enjoy the Festival!