Інтерв’ю з українськими дітьми

Арсеній Філімонов Всіх вітаємо! Я Дмитро, батько Арсенія Філімонова, його нік на Lichess.org - Arsenf2008, і оскільки він не чує і не говорить, то я скажу за нього.Він народився 22.03.2008, нещодавно виповнилося 14 років. Шахами займається 4 роки, з 2018-того. Зараз ми не в нашому місті, наше місто Харків, але його кожного дня бомбардують, тож … Continue reading Інтерв’ю з українськими дітьми

Chess Profi – U12 Champions

Young players of Chess Profi team from St. Peterburg are crowned as Worldwide U12 Winter League, and they repeated their success from the previous season, U12 Autumn League. Although they missed the first two rounds of the Winter season, once they continued playing, they immediately started winning all the tournaments and quickly catching the leading … Continue reading Chess Profi – U12 Champions

Interviews with Ukrainian kids

Ukrainian team named Kyiv-Kharkiv International started playing in Worldwide Junior Chess League just a few weeks before the war started and immediately proved to be a strong team, capable of great things. In an uncertain future, despite the war going on in their country, Ukrainian kids managed to participate regularly in all Worldwide tournaments. The … Continue reading Interviews with Ukrainian kids

Ukrainian future: Kyiv-Kharkiv team

March 23: second place UPDATE: March 23, 2022. Another great result for Kyiv-Kharkiv team: second place in U12 and second place in U8 tournaments. We always anticipate their participation with anxiety. Are they safe, do they lose courage, is the war too heavy on them? Will they make it again? But no time for worries: … Continue reading Ukrainian future: Kyiv-Kharkiv team

U10 and U12 Champions from St. Petersburg

Great victories for Chess_Profi team: young champions from St. Petersburg managed to achieve victories in U10 and U12 categories of the Worldwide Autumn League. Worldwide U8, U10, and U12 Leagues were held from September till December 2021, with 8 rounds in each age category, with a scoring system that saw the first fifteen teams in … Continue reading U10 and U12 Champions from St. Petersburg

Chess Profi – U12 winners

UPDATE: On May 19th 2021, Chess Profi achieved their third consecutive victory in U12. Report. Winning lineup: Arseniy Makarchik, Aleksander Kiselev, İlyas Timushev, Igor Kuznetsov, Dmitrii Vasilkin, Ekaterina Afanasyeva, Artem Vegera, Georgiy Smirnov, Ivan Chervinskiy, Zlata Elonova, Tikhon Mishkorudnyi, Denis Tyurin, Roman Rachikhin, Julia Lavrukhova, Daniel Balashov, Aaron Firstov, Viacheslav Mikhalev, Vladislav Golota, Yury Puchkov, … Continue reading Chess Profi – U12 winners

Club Ferlonichess U12 team – winners

Winners of the first U12 tournament in 2021, held on January 13th, are players of Club Ferlonichess, a multiethnic and multicultural team from Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay. It was the first win for them in this competition. Second place for Sport School №2 Kstovo (Russia) and third for Boca Junior (Denmark). Worldwide U12 event Incredible finish … Continue reading Club Ferlonichess U12 team – winners

KSz “HETMAN” Katowice

The Worldwide U8 Center A competition that was held on December 9, 2020 saw an excellent result by a very engaging and motivated young team from Poland: KSz “HETMAN” Katowice was the first team in quite a long time that managed to put a fight against Russian teams that dominate U8 category. First place went to Botvinnik Chess … Continue reading KSz “HETMAN” Katowice

U12: Winners from Botvinnik School

Worldwide U12 Center A - November 4, 2020 Worldwide U12 top-level Center A team tournament saw a great fight between Botvinnik Chess (Moscow, Russia) and UEC Coronel Pringles (Argentina), with young Botvinnik students coming first. This is not the first triumph for the Russian team, as they managed to win this competition (and former U11 … Continue reading U12: Winners from Botvinnik School

Penang Chess Association – U8 Champions

Worldwide U8 Eastern Division - October 22, 2020 Last Thursday that hosted Worldwide U8 Eastern Division team tournament, saw new winners: young boys and girls from Penang Chess Association (Malaysia). It was first time they managed to win in U8 competition. Read report on U8. PCA web page http://penangchess.com Today we present winning lineup of … Continue reading Penang Chess Association – U8 Champions

U12 Champions from Philippines

Worldwide U12 Division East A - November 4, 2020 Sharp Kids U12 winning lineup from the latest competition: Upper row (L-R) 1. King Whisley Puso 2. Christian Gian Karlo Arca 3. Jaymiel Piel 4. Gabriel Usman 5. Andrew James Toledo 6. Jeremiah Mendoza 2nd upper row (L-R) 1. Jerrick Faeldonia 2. Cyrus James Damiray 3. Jemaicah … Continue reading U12 Champions from Philippines

Sport School №2 Kstovo

New champions of Worldwide U8 Group A competition held on September 24th, are players of СШ 2 Кстово (Sport School №2 Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) that achieved very convincing win, ahead of Sakarya Analiz Satranç Kulubü (Turkey) and Chess Profi (Russia). Read full report. Worldwide U8 Group A – September 24, 2020 Team represents the Sports School №2 of the city … Continue reading Sport School №2 Kstovo