Ukrainians won Round 10!

March 9, 2022. Outstanding achievement by Kyiv-Kharkiv team: despite the fact that their country is invaded, communications and supply disrupted, and war wearing is tremendous, they managed to gather for another online chess tournament in U12 Winter League. And what a proud moment for them! Playing for the team that bears the names of the two biggest Ukrainian cities, bleeding from Russian attacks, brave little Ukrainians managed to achieve their first victory in Worldwide League, topping the Chess Profi team from St. Petersburg by three points only. Both teams played an extraordinary tournament during Round 10, constantly changing in the leading positions. A few minutes more or less could have brought a different result. Norvegian Dragulf team came third. Round 8 saw a total of 240 players participating.

Each Ukrainian player gave a short message after the tournament and dedicated this victory. Read some of their touching messages:

  • Vissarion Oleksenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to the Ukrainian defenders.
  • Nazar Lutchenko (Kyiv). Dedicates victory to the peace in Ukraine.
  • Dar’ya Zinchenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to Kharkiv.
  • Elyzaveta Ragulina (Kharkiv). Victory dedicated to her mother, father, all the relatives, and Ukraine.
  • Oleksandr Chytov (Kharkiv). Victory is dedicated to the future peaceful offline chess tournaments.
  • Roman Vartanian (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to his friend, whom he hasn’t seen in two weeks.
  • Mikhail Kashtanov (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to the girl Margarita, who was evacuated to Poland.
  • Mikhal Khmelnitski (Poland). Dedicates victory to his lovely city, Kharkiv.
  • Ratibor Mistrekov (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to his coach, Mikhail Litvinov.
  • Diana Fotiadi (Kriukivshchyna). Dedicates victory to the coach of the team “Kyiv-Khar’kov Int”, Dmitry Krick.
  • Bozhena Dobrovol’s’ka-Rakhnina (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to her coach, Andriy Bilous.
  • Tymofiy Nykonenko (Kyiv). Dedicates victory to the brave Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Glib Nykonenko (Kharkiv). Dedicates victory to Ukraine in their struggle against Russia.
  • Dmitry Krick (coach “Kyiv-Khar’kov Int”). Dedicates victory to his mom, who now suffers in Kharkiv.

More on Kyiv-Kharkiv team can be found here.

U12 Winter – Round 11 summary

Participants: 240
Teams: 28

  1. Chess Profi 76
  2. Dragulf 59
  3. Ученики И.Погорелова 52
  4. Минский ветер 35
  5. Сборная Шахты 32
  6. Latvia Junior Chess 19
  7. СШ 2 Кстово 19
  8. “Київ-Харьков Int. U-12” 19
  9. Moksleivių šachmatų klubas 11
  10. Schachfreunde München 7
  11. “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) 5
  12. Nam ~ Thao chess 4
  13. ШК Ладья г. Азов 2

Worldwide Junior wholeheartedly accepts this statement by Lichess and will use a similar approach in the Worldwide League, to allow children to play chess in peace.

Worldwide Under 12 Winter League started on January 5, 2022. It will have 12 rounds, played every Wednesday, until March 23. Players born in 2010 and later are allowed to participate.

Tournaments are played on Wednesdays, at 11:00 UTC (Asia), 16:00 UTC (Europe), and 23:00 UTC (Americas).

Time control is 10+2. The tournament duration is 90 minutes. Platform: Lichess

Scoring system: First place 10 points, second 8 points, third 6 points, fourth 4 points, fifth 3 points, sixth 2 points, seventh 1 point. The twelve-round scoring system is counted in the U12 European Division only.

European Division has an additional Under 8 category (2014 and younger).

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