Worldwide Blitz Arena winner: Rohith S

100 players in the race and a boy born in 2008 on the top step of the podium! Congratulations to winner from India, Rohith S, @Hattori123 for today’s victory in 4th Worldwide Blitz Arena and thanks to Vantika Agrawal @chiyabuddha, Nico Zwirs @FirstKnight and Roxangel Obregón García @plebeya for playing.

A great performance also for @LuisAngelajedrecista of Arriba Peru team that on Saturday 26th will play for the first time in Division A – and for @ssear of Wolfpack Slovakia team.

Thanks to the Universo Ajedrecistico Team,  @taniamiranda,  @sandorosky  and @michel12345, for the live broadcast – Don’t miss the 2nd Festival Mundial De La Juventud!

… and of course thanks to all those who played. The next U16 tournament is scheduled for Saturday 26, while the next Blitz will be on Tuesday 6 October.

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