Last U11 – winners are N. E. S Chess Warriors, Botvinnik Chess and Chess-Ecuador

Worldwide U11 Group A – August 29th, 2020

New winners for last edition: young team of Botvinnik Chess (Moscow, Russia) emerged victorious in top level Group A competition. Very close was Team Veracruz Mexico U-11, only two points behind winners. Third place took Chess-Ecuador. Then follow Brazilian Young Chess Team, ШШК-Челны, (Chelny, Russia), Ajedrez en PERU Sub-11, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, FVA U-11 Absolute. This was last Worldwide U11 event. From September on, new Worldwide U12 category will be introduced.

Group B saw very close fight between Club Ferlonichess (Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay) and СШ 2 Кстово (Kstovo, Russia) and their rivalry will continue in Group A. Rest of field featured Chess Chile escolar U 11, CHUBUT SUIZO (Argentina), AJEDREZ EDUCATIVO PRIMARIAS RIO NEGRO (Argentina), Сборная Шахты (Russia), Chess Club G-2 under 11 (Russia), Derzhava Chess Club U11 (Russia), LPS Satu Mare and Friends (Romaina).

Groups C1 and C2 gave several strong teams that will join in Group B: UEC CORONEL PRINGLES (Argentina), Zheleznogorsk Chess Club (Russia), Chess-Mar (Morocco) and Cairo chess academy (Egypt).

In Eastern Division, we have new winners, very nice team of N. E. S CHESS WARRIORS (Marikina City, Philippines). Close to them were ChessNut Academy (Solapur, India). Third place took Ассоциация тренеров шахмат Ульяновской области (Association of Chess Trainers of the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia).

Worldwide U11 Eastern A final standings:
ChessNut Academy Under 11 153
Ассоциация тренеров шахмат Ульяновской области 92
Этюд 84
ШШК-Челны 81
Ученики И.Погорелова 68
Сборная Шахты 48
Ekb_Intellect 45 (-39)
Lipetsk Chess Club 10

In Eastern B Division, team of SHARP KIDS ONLINE (Philippines) gave excellent performance and won outright. Уктусский гамбит (Russia) and Chess Shoots Juniors (India) will accompany them into promotion for Eastern A Division.

Chess-Ecuador was best in América Division again, ahead of Ajedrez en PERU Sub-11 and Chess Chile escolar U 11. Then follow Cuba Masters, Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City U-11, Leyendas Del Ajedres U-11, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1, and Chaturanga Rojas.

Eastern A
Eastern B

First U11 tournament was played on April 29th, and featured single division with 9 teams, with total of 89 players.

Worldwide U11 lineup
1 Mexico Jovenes Promesas MEXICO
2 Ajedrez Blanco y Negro SPAIN
3 Sakarya Analiz Satranç Kulubü TURKEY
5 Tatanzak Killer Bees ITALY
6 Monte Grande CROATIA
7 Team Minnesota Scholastic USA
9 Alfieri del Garda – chess Academy ITALY

Four months may seem too little time for one tournament to become established and respected, but in these fast, online days, it had quite interesting and very intense history. From first edition, tournament continued to grow, bringing new divisions each time. Big breakout into capturing Worldwide chess playing population was introduction of Eastern and América Divisions. Record number of participants in one day was 810, almost ten times more than original tournament. 13th edition was last one.

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