Worldwide U11 – Veracruz México win

Worldwide U11 Group A – July 15, 2020

So close were players of ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) to achieve double win in U11, like they did in U8 competition last week… But there is one team that stands on top of Worldwide U11 Group A – Team Veracruz México U-11. Congratulations on another great show. Difference was only 4 points (just one win in Streak mode).

And rest of field in Group A had very close fight: Ajedrez en Peru Sub-11 came third, followed by Chess-Ecuador, Chess Club G-2 U11, Chess Chile escolar U 11 Premier, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, Cuba Masters, and Derzhava Chess Club U11.

In these Summer days, when everybody expected chess competition to decrease and players going to stop playing, Worldwide competition actually continues to grow. How much? This time we saw total of seven divisions, 64 teams and 781 players!

In Eastern Division, teams from Russia, Belarus, India and Sri Lanka competed in two divisions, with ШШК-Челны winning top division. In América Division 8 teams competed, coming from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba. Win goes to Chess-Ecuador.

Main competition was in central groups, meeting point of teams from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. As mentioned, Veracruz Mexico is overall winner of Group A. One team that is climbing fast is FVA U-11 Absolute, Venezuelan National team, winners of Group B, that will be promoted in Group A next week, together with “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома). New very respectable team appeared, winning Group C, Шахматная Школа “Наставник” that will play in Group B, accompanied by second placed team of Africa Chess Future Club (U11 Team). It is nice to see teams from almost every continent in Worldwide events. Chess Gladiators, chess team for Primary Schools kids in Ireland, won Group D, and deserves to be promoted in higher ranks.

11 pm CET6.30 pm CET2.30 pm CET
U11 AméricaU11 Group AU11 Eastern A
U11 Group BU11 Eastern B
U11 Group C
U11 Group D

Organisers are preparing some changes in division system soon, making it more adaptable, equalising lower divisions and giving chance for strong teams to climb ranks faster. More on this subject will be known before next tournament, to be played on July 29.

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